Disabled Americans Have Rights Too

19 September 2018

Disability: A New History

Drawing on new research, Peter White presents a history of disability in the 18th and 19th centuries.


6 November 2017
Busting Myths About Hiring People with Disabilities
10/31/2017 09:23 pm ET Updated 5 days ago
By Mary Bailey, Contributor
Autism Advocate; Keynote Speaker; Co-founder Chase Yur Dreams Foundation; and Chase N Yur Face Media

As the subject of disability inclusion in the workforce becomes more prevalent, I wanted to take a closer look at some of the myths surrounding the hiring of people with disabilities, and to seek the insights of someone on the front lines of this movement. As the Head of Disability Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase & Co., and a C5-C6 quadriplegic, Jim Sinocchis knowledge and experience with this topic is unparalleled.


Eight myths examined:
1. Cost to accommodate is too exorbitant.
2. More apt to require and exceed sick days.
3. Too difficult / controversial for employers to take disciplinary action.
4. Employers are more likely to be sued.
5. People with disabilities make those around them uncomfortable.
6. Unable to meet performance standards.
7. More likely to have an accident at work.
8.  Investment of time for training is too much.

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15 October 2017

Here are some links of value sent to us by Cyrus Dylan of:  http://www.caring4ourkids.com

  --  A Resource for Parents of Kids with ASD, CFS, or Fibromyalgia

* Legal Resources for Special Needs


* Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling


* Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive


* Teacher Resources for Special Needs


* Disability and Credit Scores


* Disability Resources from the Department of Labor


* Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home


* Financial Planning for Special Needs

Originally discovered 19 November 2016

Here is a newsletter from Pennsylvania that polio survivors may find worthy of subscribing to. Many and varied subjects are addressed. This is not to say that only 'Polio People' should read the newsletter. There are any number of issues that apply to many other disabilities; some of which may be found in the newsletter's articles.

Extracts from the January 2017 mailing:
From: "PA Polio Survivor Network" <papolionetwork@gmail.com>
Medications and PPS
New in January from Dr. William DeMayo
Multiple Prescriptions May have Negative Interactions
Polio is in my History - But it's NOT Who I Am

Attached you will find our newsletter in both Regular and Large Print [.PDI] formats.
Thank you for letting us know you enjoy the large print version. They are so much easier to read !

And much more in this mailing ...

Their URL. Do check it out:


"Broadened Horizons focuses exclusively on individuals with limited or no use of their hands and arms. Leveraging our modular design strategy, we can create integrated, holistic, comprehensive solutions custom tailored to your specific needs and preferences."


"The Premier Source for Developmental Disability News"


Here is Camp Promise, located online at:
You are never too old to attend camp! Camp Promise fills a need in the muscular dystrophy community for more social activities that are open to all ages.  Camp Promise has no age limits. The camp began in the Pacific Northwest and has expanded to two other locations now, with camps on the east coast and in the Rockies. Consider volunteering for Camp Promise.

Check out the Photo Gallery and the Directors, Libby and Terin; two extraordinary young ladies!

On this page, we'll show links to other disability-related URLs as we learn of them.